The power of time off

To understand where this idea came from we have to first head to Scotland. We travelled there for Christmas 2015 to be with my wife's family and to give the kids a real taste of the festive season in the Northern Hemisphere. Aside from the holiday, having a complete change of scene for 5 weeks does wonders for your creativity. With my mind loosening up I began having fresh random thoughts, as I tend to, that ultimately led to the birth of Monomoko. Stefan Sagmeister talks about the 'Power of Time Off' in his TED talk.

Anyhow, I was curious to see how these thoughts would translate into artwork, so in between family outings and helpings of Xmas leftovers I started reproducing the concepts that were in my mind onto the screen of my MacBook. What emerged initially seemed very striking and inspired me to experiment futher, much to the dismay of my in-laws who were expecting me to be a bit more useful. Actually their expectations are pretty low in that regard! Back home a full suite of designs were then developed over the course of the year.

Monomoko emerged as the perfect name to represent this body of work combining the mostly 'monochromatic' colouring of the designs with the graphic symmetry of traditional Maori 'moko'. The rhythm of the word also felt particularly fitting for the patterned feel of the artwork. Enjoy having a look through the work and feel free to get in contact if you have any questions.

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