The art of passing wind

It all started when Ben and Louise held a dinner party and encouraged guests to "bring a game". Shortly after the meal, Susan pulled from her bag a handmade box with the word 'flatulate' scribbled across its lid. From within the box she extracted a small plastic container and a couple of stacks of cards. An hour and a half later, with tears being dried and belly aches subsiding, it was deemed a great success. 

I called Susan the next day and said "Can we meet? This game is good, all it needs is a better box". They knew there was a market out there not being catered for - adults who enjoy playing after dinner games, but don't want to end up in a family battle over Trivial Pursuit. Knowing they were too old for charades and too young for a rest home, they formed MHO Games, which creates what they describe as "naughty little parlour games, for those who dare to be different."

The brand and packaging was developed, and a month later we produced the first batch of games. It was selected as a finalist that year in the NZ BEST design awards. A number of games have been sold online and from retail stores in New Zealand and Australia. Plans are underway to roll out more quirky after dinner games so watch this space.

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