Pure discovery

What makes New Zealand wine different? After all it's the same varietals originating from traditional wine growing regions – the same seeds with the same genetic information, just planted by different hands in different soils in different climates. Ah, well those last bits do actually make quite a difference.

For a relatively new wine producing region New Zealand has captured a lot of global attention by producing wine that is very unique and extremely palatable. It's the pioneering hands experimenting with new ideas and the diversity of substrates from alluvial plains to gravel-threaded clay soils. It's the vast array of climatic conditions and coastal influences from cool arctic winds to warm pacific air. The complex and varying syntheses of all these things is what makes New Zealand wine distinctive, interesting, fresh and desired. New Zealand wine is the bottled essence of our country – pure discovery.

"Tim captured the essence of the NZ Wine brand with our new logo – New Zealand Wine – Pure Discovery"