The Growth People

Whenever you spend time with people there is an exchange of energy. Occasionally it can feel like hard work and you're left depleted, but thankfully I find it's usually the other way round. One person that always leaves me feeling particularly pepped up is Bruce Duncan, and it's a clear indication of what has made him so successful in business.

For one thing he's a funny guy and there's nothing like a good laugh to get you in the right frame of mind. He's also very passionate and highly motivated, and it's extremely infectious. Crucially though, he has been able to harness and focus this energy in a very practical way which is the real secret to his success. By tirelessly and rigourously applying a systemised approach to almost every aspect of running a business he's developed a winning business growth formula. This tried & tested approach has been packaged into a business growth model called the 'Elevater' programme. PeopleNZ delivers this programme in a series of workshops to transform businesses with potential into raging success stories. It's already working wonders for many of his early adopters.  

With a proven model in place the final piece of the puzzle was to elevate PeopleNZ's branding by wrapping a more professional image around the whole operation and to engage wider audiences.

"Tim digested, qualified and created our PeopleNZ & Elevater brands. His work was outstanding. He is a master of his trade. The ability to see the big picture and align and integrate into perfect detail. A very rare talent."